A special gift

Anne here, hoping you all enjoyed the festive season.

I ended up giving myself an unexpected but very special gift this year. Some of you will remember my lovely Chloe-dog (she of the red feather boa) who died in 2011. I haven't been able to make myself get another dog since then, but last week I was noodling around on the internet and I came across this image. https://www.petrescue.com.au/listings/335294 


Yes, it was that look in her eyes that did it, even though I hadn't planned to get a dog yet. I phoned up and made an appointment to go down and meet her and also be interviewed as a suitable owner. It was a three hour drive, but I enjoy driving, and it's summer here and the weather was perfect so it was a lovely little excursion. 

I drove down and met her. She's wiggly and snuggly and sweet-natured and affectionate and eager to please, and we bonded immediately.  I wasn't able to take her home straight away — they have a rule that says all rescue dogs must be neutered, so she's going to be spayed tomorrow and I'll pick her up and bring her home a day or two later.

 I'm calling her Millie because Amelia, while a lovely name, isn't the sort of name to be yelled across an oval or a dog park.

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