Old Bailey—the “supreme court” of London

Oldbailey3Andrea/Cara here, I’m in the middle of a new WIP which involves criminal activities (no spoilers!) and found myself throwing the term “Old Bailey”—the famous court building in London—when several of the characters were talking about a possible trial. Now, that name, like Newgate Prison, is an iconic one when speaking of Regency justice. However I realized I was pretty fuzzy on its actual details, so decided I had better do some quick research in order to get everything right.

Oldbailey1As our readers know, the Wenches all enjoy doing research, and I’m no exception (yes, yes, we are all history nerds!) So I rolled up my cyber sleeves and dove right in. To my surprise the Old Bailey actually has its own website, with a very extensive and delightful history—which I will now share with you.

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