Mary Jo Putney’s Not Quite A Wife

NotQuiteAWifeAnne here, interviewing Mary Jo Putney about NOT QUITE A WIFE, the latest in the wonderful "Lost Lords" series — which goes on sale tomorrow. Mary Jo, congratulations on this release. Another excellent read.  

A starred review from Library Journal described NOT QUITE A WIFE thus: "A deeply caring, capable heroine who struggles with her feelings about violence and a ruthless, protective spymaster hero with a well-honed sense of justice gradually work through their differences to find common ground in this provocative, penetrating romance. Undeniable passion wars with clashing views on right and wrong in another memorable masterpiece from one of the genre's best. Gorgeously done."  

Kirkus Reviews said: "Elegant and tender; a compelling sweep of romance and adventure with a gratifying undertone of social justice elements."  

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A Scandalous Interview with Cara Elliott

Cat 243 Dover
by Mary Jo
Today's guest needs no introduction, since she's the Wenches' own Cara/Andrea!  Her last Cara Elliott Regency historical, Too Dangerous to Desire, was a Too Dangerous to Desire coverRITA finalist as well as a Booksellers Best finalist, so it's a delight to see that the books of her new trilogy, The Hellions of High Street, will be published one after another in January, February, and March.
First up is Scandalously Yours, which I've had the pleasure of reading. An early review  Scandalously Yours cover describes the book as "Another hit for Cara Elliott!" The story is smart and sexy and has a lightness of touch that reminds me of the Signet Regencies where she and I got our start in publishing.  Here's an excerpt.

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