Julie Cohen – Honorary Word Wench!

Regency open sided bookcaseAs Word Wench readers will know, it is our custom to give virtual gifts to our guests as a thank you for visiting the Wenches. Today I would like to thank Julie Cohen for joining us here on the blog a couple of weeks ago and confer upon her the title of Honorary Word Wench with all its ancient rights and privileges. On behalf of all the Wenches I would also like to give Julie a virtual gift of this beautiful Regency bookcase, originally from Ashdown House, in which to keep all her treasured Regency romances and her own wonderful books. Hopefully it will also remind her of the fun to be had as a re-enactor in a stately home!

This particular bookcase was brought back to England by a gentleman who found it in Florence during his Grand Tour at the beginning of the 19th century. It is made of laburnum and inlaid with beautiful images of birds and flowers in semi-precious stones. Julie, we hope that you enjoy your virtual gift. Thank you very much for visiting the Word Wenches!