A Beastly Quiz — more Regency slang

Anne here, and for your entertainment in the lead-up to the festive season, here's a baker's dozen of questions — a "beastly quiz" on Regency slang terms involving creatures of various kinds. You'll need a pen and paper to note down your answers, then at the end, there's a link that will take you to the correct answers. After that, come back and tell us how you went. Have fun.


1)   To cock up one's toes means:—   OldCockTavern (1)

        a) to trip

         b) to die

         c) to get ready to run

         d) to tread in bird droppings


2) Done to a cow's thumb means:—

        a) to be exhausted

        b) to be swindled   

        c) to be overcooked

        d) to be perfectly cooked


3) A bear leader is a person who:— Inky bear

        a) supervises prisoners in gaol

        b) is a strong leader   

        c) takes schoolboys on tours  

        d) handles bears in bear-pits


4) An ape leader is:—

        a) a spinster

        b) a zoo-keeper 

        c) a heavy drinker

        d) a brawler

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