How Do Readers Find New Books?

Reading 1Cara/Andrea here,
After the mad flurry of activity last week surrounding the release of Scandalously Yours, the first book in my new trilogy, I’m taking a moment to sit back and catch my breath—and untangle my brain synapses. WritingThese days, an author is expected to do a LOT of self-promoting. Facebook, Twitter, Goodreads, Pinterest, blog tours—now, lots of it is interesting stuff but at times I feel like I need  eight arms, four brains—maybe five—six computers, and at least half a ton of Lindt dark chocolate to keep me going. The point is, it eats up a huge chunk of precious writing time.

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Meet a Wenchly Reader

Images-2 Anne here, introducing a new, occasional feature called Meet a Wenchly Reader. We thought it might be fun, now and then, to shine the spotlight on a few of the names that regularly crop up in the comments — a kind of quick snapshot that highlights the range of readers we have and where they come from. Today we invite you to meet RevMelinda, Louis and Maggie, who've been reading this blog and dropping in to comment for years. We've asked each person the same questions and asked for a photo or two that's important to them. We hope you enjoy meeting your fellow wenchly readers.

RevMelinda, tell us a little about where you live. 
I’ve lived in the Pacific Northwest for over 20 years with my husband and our two daughters.  Our city overlooks the Columbia and Willamette rivers, about 90 minutes from both the atmospheric rocky beaches to the west and the towering Cascade mountains to the east.  Over the years I’ve come to appreciate the perpetual misty rain, the bikes and bridges, the coffee shops and brewpubs, the Thai eateries on every corner, and the ultra-casual dress code (even at church or the opera).  We can see Mount Hood from our living room window—particularly beautiful at sunrise.

WWHospicepic This picture represents my professional capacity as a volunteer coordinator for hospice.  I work to recruit, train, assign and support volunteers who provide weekly respite in the homes of our hospice patients.  Hospice is an interdisciplinary way of providing medical, social, and spiritual care to people who are terminally ill and have a prognosis of 6 months or less.  I feel privileged to work with volunteers committed to comforting and companioning our patients and their families in this most intimate and profound of journeys.

Can you tell us 3 interesting facts about yourself or 3 authors who are auto-buys for you?

Interesting fact: (not three, just one!) I’m a Presbyterian minister by vocation; you can read my sermon about romance novels here
Three authors who are auto-buys:  CS Harris (the Sebastian St. Cyr series of mysteries set in the Regency; Harris describes her protagonist as “Mr. Darcy with a James Bond edge”) Carla Kelly (beautifully written and emotionally honest romances often featuring doctors, sea captains, and ordinary people doing extraordinary things) Karen Marie Moning (her paranormal Darkfever series is like crack with covers—once you start, you can’t stop, and you want everyone you know to get addicted too)

This second picture (taken some years ago) combines three of my favorite things —my daughters, the Pacific Ocean, and the setting sun. WWbeachkids

How you usually read the Word Wenches blog?  
I read the Wenches most often at home, in the morning, while I sip the day’s first cup of coffee.  However, I usually don’t make a comment until the afternoon or evening as I need some time to ruminate on the blog topic of the day.

 What book do you remember as the one that made you fall in love with reading? 
I never lose an opportunity to talk about the first romance novel I ever read, Georgette Heyer’s “The Masqueraders.”  It has a crazy premise—a brother (Robin) and sister (Prudence) hide from their past in the plain sight of society by pretending to be the opposite sex (Robin pretends to be a woman, Prudence pretends to be a man)—but Heyer makes the crazy premise work.  The book has a little bit of everything—masquerades, duels, secret pasts, a lost heir, a sinister villain, a botched elopement, fabulous clothes, delicious secondary characters—and Sir Anthony Fanshawe, the large gentleman with sleepy eyes who is much more alert than he seems, is an unlikely but thoroughly swoon-worthy hero.

Introducing Louis.  

My wife and I raise Arabian horses on our five acres of Southern California backcountry.   We have five children…four boys and a daughter…all grown up. We have five grandchildren and two great grandchildren.   I am a retired television engineer and have been retired for 12 years. My wife is a retired RN. I'm a WWII vet and was in the Navy. I'm 86 years young.   FairLady

I think this is my favorite of our horses. Her name is "Fair Lady"  a purebred Arabian She is blind in one eye due to a genetic cross that was not known when she was bred. We all still love her.  

I started reading in the second grade. Started with "Romance" when about 12 while visiting an aunt… she had several Grace Livingston Hill books that I read… and I continued from then on.   I'm a voracious reader,  re-reader and share that with my daughter. Auto buys are JAK and Nora Roberts plus several others. Some newer writers that I like are Lauren Willig, Mary Anna Evans, and Maria V Snyder.  

Roadrunner I usually read the Word Wenches blog around noonish. Sometimes with coffee and sometimes with a sandwich.  

This picture is of one of our "Resident Road Runners" sunning on our deck rail. There is a pair of them and they raised two chicks this year.


Our third wenchly reader is Maggie Robinson. 

 I live down a long private dirt road that ends at a lake in Maine. Gorgeous sunrises. Loons. Peace. This is our forever house. I want to die here (but not anytime soon).

Lords of passion[1] This is my chance to tell you about my two upcoming releases, right? I’m tremendously excited to share a December Brava anthology title with Virginia Henley and Kate Pearce. My second book in the Courtesan Court Trilogy, Mistress by Midnight, comes out in January. Yes, Nicola and I share the same title, but I know Wenchly Readers are way too smart to mix us up.

3 Interesting facts about yourself?
 I was a double-debut author this spring, writing as both Maggie Robinson and Margaret Rowe. I’m rather old for a debutante. I credit reading the Wenches for inspiration, but don’t blame them—all errors are mine. In the next couple of years there will be eleven books published with my names in them somewhere. I’m stunned and oh so grateful. Mistress by Midnight Cover

How you usually read the Word Wenches blog?
I wake up very early, read the news, e-mail and my favorite blogs online in my pajamas. I subscribe to the Wenches’ alert so I can read the new post right from my mailbox. Traditionally, I have a cup of tea with too much sugar and lemon and a maple-nut muffin, and then get to writing.

What book do you remember as the one that made you fall in love with reading?
Like so many girls, I loved Little Women, although I’m still upset that Jo didn’t marry Laurie. I’ve been trying to match-make ever since.

Thank you RevMelinda, Louis and Maggie for joining us and sharing a little about your lives. I certainly enjoyed getting to know you a little better, I hope others did too.  I'll send a book to one person who leaves a comment.