Dogs in Art

TibsChristina here. I’ve always been a dog lover so when I finally had some of my own, I wanted them immortalised in a painting. This was the result and I love it! Turns out I’m not the only dog owner with that idea though …

Last week I went to see an exhibition at the Wallace Collection in London which was all about dog portraits. It is the first ever exhibition to explore our wonderful relationship with dogs through art. Right up my street and I wasn’t disappointed! The first sign showed a quote which I totally agree with:-

“The Dog is the most faithful Animal in the World, and beloved by Men.” (Iconologia or Moral Emblems, by Caesar Ripa, English Translation 1709)

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Englishmen Mad About Dogs

Cat 243 Doverby Mary Jo

The English are famously fond of their pooches, and so it's both legitimate and fun to add dogs to our stories.  While I mostly add cat characters, I've also written dogs when they seemed to be the best choice.  

Today's post was inspired by a chat with my friend Sally MacKenzie, who writes light-hearted Regencies for Kensington.  Her current Duchess of Love series has significant animal characters, with three books featuring dogs, and one with a mischievous cat named Reggie.  (No, he was not named after my mischievous cat named Reggie.  I think Reggie is just a mischievous name. <G>)

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