Celebration Time!

Circular_Temple_-_panoramio Mark A Coleman  CC BY 3.0 httpscreativecommons.orglicensesby3.0  via Wikimedia Commons

Photo by Mark A Coleman

Christina here and I'm delighted to tell you that this week it's THE WORD WENCHES’ 16th ANNIVERSARY! In order to celebrate properly, we decided to hold a picnic and you’re all invited!

We're each bringing our favourite historical food to a lovely park somewhere in the UK – the precise location is a secret as it’s by invitation only, but you can reach it via this lovely temple folly which acts as a time portal.

The setting – hills, woodland and parkland – is beautiful, with wildflowers, ancient trees and herds of deer that can be glimpsed roaming in the distance.

Andrea Vauxhall (2)Birds fill the air with song and a couple of peacocks are strutting nearby showing off their shimmering plumage. There’s a boating lake too, where we can paddle in the water if we like, or just drift peacefully while someone else does the rowing. For our comfort, we have brought rugs and silk cushions to recline upon, and we would advise you to bring a parasol or a hat as the sun can be very hot! It's going to be a wonderful day and here’s what else the Wenches will be bringing:-

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Confessions of an Award Ceremony Organiser!

WinnerNicola here, and today I am talking about award ceremonies, those amazing, glittering, special occasions that always run like clockwork, right? Hmm…

I love a good award ceremony. The glamour, the excitement in the air, the love in the room… And hopefully The empty room no mistakes when it comes to announcing the winners! A couple of weeks ago I was in a taxi heading across London to the Romantic Novelists’ Association 2017 award ceremony in the beautiful location of the Gladstone Library in Whitehall Place. When I arrived and threw open the doors to make my entrance… The room was empty because it was three o’clock in the afternoon and the awards didn’t start until six and between now and then an awful lot of things had to happen. In fact it was a transformation worth of Cinderella!

Of course, all the planning starts a long time in advance. The room was booked last year, the refreshments ordered, the seating plan organised, the trophies engraved and the photographer engaged. So really it was a question of bringing it all together: Decorating the room, greeting the guests and ironing out any little issues along the way. And there, of course, is the fly in the ointment, because something unexpected is always going to happen whenever you organise a big event.

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Christmas Anthology Contest

Historical Romance - Christmas Promotion #1To show our gratitude to our fabulous readers this holiday season, the Word Wenches have teamed up with over 50 fantastic romance authors to give away more than 35 historical holiday romances, and a $100 gift card to one lucky winner!
There will be copies of anthologies from many of the wenches, plus our group anthologies. So go forth and play!
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