Three Good Things, Redux

Three Good Things

Cat_243_dover_23by Mary Jo   

Because of extreme busyness, I'm exercising the Word Wench prerogative of rerunning an older post–from 2006, our first year of blogging!–partly to fill this space, but also because it's a post I like, and good thoughts to make us feel better are never out of place.

The original blog was written just before Christmas, while this rerun is shortly after the holidays. Stress, however, knows no boundaries!  Enjoy this old post to which I've added some new pictures of cats and snow.


There’s lots of warm fuzzy sentiment in the air just now, most of it generated by the multiple holidays at this season.  (Happy Winter Solstice to everyone!)  There’s lots of gatherings with family and friends, often presents and parties, and waaaaaaay too much unhealthy but delicious food and drink on offer. 

It’s a good season—but for many of us, stress levels are off the scale.  I had my hair done IMG_3797today, and my lovely and efficient hair stylist was dealing with the considerable demands of being a business owner, wife, mother, grandmother, serious church volunteer, providing refreshments for clients and providing a holiday meal for her staff. 

She was two clients behind when she finished me, and it was still morning. Part of this was because a long time client had to be squeezed in because of a death in the family.  My stylist will survive and even enjoy the holidays, but relaxed?  Not hardly!

And there are worse stresses, like the client who had just lost her nephew.  Like the writer friend who posted that her family has just found out that her son-in- law’s return from Iraq has been moved further away—and his unit will redeploy there after six months back in the States.   


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