Dealing with bugs the old fashioned way

Anne here, and today I'm talking about creepy crawlies — no, not the nasty villains found in our novels, but the bugs and beetles that can sometimes invade our houses. Moths, silverfish — that kind of thing. LavenderBag

It started when a friend of mine's visiting grandmother spotted what she claimed was a silverfish fluttering in a dark corner! Naturally War was declared. The war, as wars are wont to do, inevitably spread — all members of the household (willing or not) were rallied to The Cause.

My friend refused to allow the use of poisons or other dangerous chemicals, so Grandma supervised operations the old-fashioned way — every cupboard and drawer was emptied, vacuumed, thoroughly washed out, the contents inspected minutely for holes or other signs of Evil, and everything washed, hung in the sun to dry, ironed, and repacked in plastic.

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