Politically Incorrect History

Oliver_Cromwell_-_Statue_-_Palace_of_Westminster_-_London_-_240404Pat here, diving into the politically sensitive. If you're squeamish, back out now.

As a writer who reveres history and firmly believes that we are doomed to repeat our mistakes until we learn from our past, and as a peace-loving liberal who believes every person on the planet deserves respect, I am left in a quandary by current events.

My opening image is of Oliver Cromwell, a Protestant who hated Catholicism, started a civil war that destroyed immense amounts of artwork and architecture, not to mention thousands of people. He pretty much destroyed an entire culture. He is a politically divisive figure and bigot. 

Should we destroy his statue? The moral quandary is best stated in this article, but I'm working from the historical viewpoint.



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