On Crafting A Story, Stone by Stone

WritingCara/Andrea here, I live in New England, and in my daily walks, I pass a lot of old stone walls. They are a common sight here as the hardscrabble soil is rocky, and over the centuries farmers simply used the shards kicked up by their ploughs to fence in their fields. We have hard weather here, with wind, snow and rain constantly shaping the contours of the walls, giving each a unique character. I love looking at the details, as what always strikes me is how beautifully enduring they are, and how well they have held up to the vagaries of the moment.
Stone wall

So recently, as I was starting a new story idea and thinking of the basic elements while I walked, it struck me how my local stone walls are a perfect metaphor for what makes a good book. Now, you may be thinking, “Hmmm, has she lost her marbles?” Allow me to explain . . .

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