Wishing You Peace and Happiness


From Pat:

 Peace begins with a smile–Mother Teresa

We can all afford to offer a smile. So as the new year approaches, let us all vow to smile at one another, greet each other with kindness, and make the world a better place.

And reward ourselves with a warm fire and a good book! What books did you receive over the holidays?

Peace begins with a smile. Mother Teresa
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The Joys of January

Cat 243 Doverby Mary Jo

The holidays are over!  You've:

Roasted your turkey.

Navigated and possibly refereed your relations.

Watched or fled the football games.

Wrapped presents or shoved them all into gift bags because that's easier. Panda Xmas tree 2

Taken the ornaments away from the cat.

Eaten all the Christmas cookies/fruitcake/latkes and wished for more, or decided enough already!

Watched the ball drop at midnight of 12/31 to usher in 2015 (though in some Maryland towns, it might have been a crab, or a donut or a canvasback duck that dropped.  <G>)

Made your resolutions.

So now:


I like January because it's usually such a peaceful contrast to the holiday season. 

January is a good time for working. 

A good time to get together with friends to brighten up gray days. 

A good time to toss those resolutions that are totally unrealistic or involve self-hatred. Winter Wonderland

Instead, do things you enjoy.  Watch a favorite flash mob video.

Or a cat video(It's well know that the infrastructure of the internet is pictures of cats. <G>

Read a good book.

Read SEVERAL good books!  

Enjoy the peace. 

And maybe the bagpipe flash mob or Irish stepdancers.  <G>

What do you like to do in January?

Mary Jo