Boxing Day

Anne here, as we move into our Wenchly daily Christmastide blogging. I've scored the Boxing Day blog several times in the past, so if you'd like to read my 2008 blog about the traditions and practice of Boxing Day, as well as some odd Australian traditions, click on this link. CherriesXmas

I'm avoiding the Boxing Day sales, and not watching the cricket — or any TV. Nor will I be cooking for a while, as I'll be browsing on the leftovers from Christmas dinner, as well as cherries and mangoes and watermelon. It's summertime and I always have this bowl filled with cherries on my Christmas table. And there is some of the "Christmas Crack" I made for Kris Kringle "home-made" presents left over, so I guess I'll be nibbling on that, too. It's very yummy. Recipe here.

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