Writers Playing Well With Others

LastChanceXmasBall.FromAnneby Mary Jo

Occasionally I've been asked who I might like to collaborate with to write a book.  My answer is more or less "That will happen over my dead body!"  It's my book.  MINE!!!

Yet though writing is justly known as a solitary pursuit, that doesn't mean that writers don't like talking with other writers, and that we can find ways of benefiting from such interactions.

I'm part of an online book club of long time authors.  We all started in romance, and some have gone in different directions such as mystery, women's fiction, and paranormal.  But we're all storytellers in our DNA, and our last book discussion slid into talking about writer's processes (often very different} and that morphed into a discussion of working with others in a constructive way. 

Imposter's Syndrome is pretty common, even among successful writers who have written EchoesOfTerrorFront (1)dozens of books.  The feeling, usually when one is in the middle of writing a new book, that someone will say "You're a fraud!  You don't really know how to write!"  This can happen despite the evidence of multiple awards and bestselling books, proving that authors are masters of cognitive dissonance. <G> 

As Maris Soule said, "I know I was relieved, years ago, when I heard other successful writers say they feared one day the world would discover they really didn't know how to write or create a story."  


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Adventures in Oz

Cat 243 Doverby Mary Jo

I delivered my overdue book 90 minutes before we left for the airport to fly to Australia.  I do not recommend this. <G>  But it did mean that when an east coast air traffic control meltdown caused us to miss our flight out of Los Angeles so we had a lazy day in LaLa land, it was not entirely a bad thing.  

Luckily I'd built in several extra days to allow some recovery time from jet lag, and Melbourne was worth the wait.  The Mayhem Consultant and I both loved the city, which had a vibe reminiscent of Boston or San Francisco or Seattle, all cities I love.  It's also a foodie paradise, which is never a bad thing!  (I'm told that hot air balloons floating over the city in the morning as in the picture at the right are a regular occurrence.  Fun!) View from Citadines of Melbourne

Plus, our Aussie Word Wench, Anne Gracie, lives in Melbourne, and she's a fabulous hostess for her city.  A highlight was when she took me, the MC, and Patricia McLinn, another featured American conference speaker and an old friend of mine, to the Healesville Sanctuary.  


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