Cruising the Chesapeake

by Mary Jo

Map_american_revolution_071417-01A vacation!  A real vacation!  The Mayhem Consultant and I are recently returned from a 10 day cruise of the Chesapeake Bay with a Revolutionary War theme. 

The cruise was with American Cruise Lines, a small ship cruise company that operates entirely within the US, including having ships built in Maryland and an all-American crew.  In these uncertain times, all passengers and crew had to be fully vaccinated and other safety protocols were followed.  We all obeyed because a real vacation was so lovely.


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Sea Fever!

Sea Palling beachNicola here. After long winter months of bad weather and lock down, the idea of going to the beach for some fresh sea air to blow away the cobwebs was irresistible and so last week we took a trip to Norfolk (UK) and to a little seaside village called Sea Palling on the East coast.

Maybe it’s because I’ve always lived a long way away from the sea that I often have a longing to see the ocean. A lot of us love it, I know; there’s something so soothing about the surge and fall of the waves and so refreshing about the sea breeze and the big open skies. It feels as though it’s doing you good.

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