Angus's onesieNicola here, talking about night attire, and here to model a very fetching onesie is Angus MacLeod, who was disgusted to find that after a recent operation he had to sleep in a night suit!

A recent study by researchers (who either have a very interesting job or too much time on their hands, depending on your point of view) discovered that fewer and fewer people wear pajamas these days. (If you are in the UK you are wearing pyjamas – or not. Once again we’re divided by the spelling of our common language!)

Research showed that in the UK pyjama wearing has declined to only 26%, with people preferring to wear nightshirts or other types of clothing, or in the case of 46% percent of people, nothing at all. This prompted me to do a little research of my own into the history and popularity of the pajama.

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