Guest Tracy Grant on writing historical fiction

LondonGambitHiRezAndrea/Cara here, As most of our readers know, I'm a big fan of historical mysteries, and the Regency-set series by Tracy Grant featuring Malcolm and Suzanne Rannoch is one of my favorites. So I'm delighted to welcome Tracy back to the Word Wenches to tell us a little about her love of history and how she weaves it into her intricate plots. Like the Wenches, Tracy loves research and is an expert on the people and places that makes the Regency such a fascinating era. From the cloak and dagger spy intrigues of the Napoleonic Wars to the details of Mayfair's elegant ballroom, she paints a vivid picture of  a time of upheaval and fundamental change, and how individuals react to those challenges. So, please join me in welcoming Tracy as I hand the proverbial pen to her!


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