Mothers and sons

Blue2 . Jo here, pondering mothers and sons in historical romance, in part because the heroine of my MIP, The Viscount Needs a Wife, keeps mentioning or thinking about the subject.

Also,  two things came at me in close succession, and got me thinking. Why don't the heroes of historical romances have deep bonds with their mothers?

So, first question — am I wrong? Do you know any historical romances in which the hero has a deep bond with his mother that plays a part in the book?

Let me explain the two things that caused my pondering.

The first was an article about Dorothy Dunnett's writing, which reminded me of the emotional intensity, and the complexity of her character Lymond.You can read the article here.

The second was a reminiscence piece on the radio about World War 2 soldiers who returned to Jersey after the war. The Channel Islands were the only part of Great Britain occupied by the Nazis. Click on the link for more about that.

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