The Bright Art of Quilting

Colors detailby Mary Jo

Quilting is a very ancient skill, probably dating back to ancient Egypt and introduced to Europe by returning Crusaders.  It's wonderfully practical for warmth, or protecting a knight from chafing armor.  

These days we usually associate quilts with lovely cozy bed coverings, but they've also evolved into a beautiful form of craftwork.  A friend of ours is a honcho in the Baltimore Heritage Quilters Guild and she always notifies us of the guild's biennial quilt shows.  It's a treat to visit the shows, which are held in sprawling school gymnasiums, and only held every two years because it takes time to create new work.  (I blogged about the last show two years ago–the quilts are too pretty not to share!)

As the Mayhem consultant said when we visited the show, there weren't many of the cuddle-under-in-winter type  quilts.  Most were beautiful art pieces of various sizes, like modern tapestries designed to be hung on the walls.  There were hundreds of quilts, and the show was so visually dazzling that it was impossible to take it all in.  

Scary Cat by Carol Rubin

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