Work Cycles

Today's Ask A Wench question collected by Mary Jo:

"What are your work cycles?  Do you prefer writing in the morning, late at night, or high noon?  Are you more productive in winter, when there is less incentive to go outside, or in the summer, when you burrow into the air conditioning and might as well write?  Or–is your writing rhythm all about your deadline???"

Lady reading by a window, Thomas Benjamin KenningtonAnne here:

Mostly I write in the morning, though sometimes I also write in the evening. Mid-afternoon, around three, I'm pretty brain dead so I use that time to walk the dog or do housework or go shopping. If it's raining and I'm deep in housework-avoidance, and the fridge is full, I might read for a couple of hours or do craft of some kinds — usually jewelry-making. The closer a deadline is, the less these times matter. In the last week or two of a deadline, I'll be at the computer at all hours — can't stay away from it, really.

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