Regency Diet

Regency dinner Pat here:

I’m currently working on a new Malcolm/Ives book set in 1830. In hunting for a food that small boys might relish at a village fair, I went on a google expedition. The internet boasts a plethora of material that I would have given my right hand to own back when I first started writing. Now, instead of procrastinating— researching—by getting lost in my library, I hunt through Wikipedia, jump to Google Books, dig deep into newspaper archives, or just generally wallow in the wealth of Regency blogs and websites available with the click of a mouse.

I can’t say I was particularly successful in my search for small boy food (Bath Buns? Pudding sausages? What, no deep-fried donuts with ice cream filling?) but I did run across brilliant sites packed with disgusting recipes for old-fashioned “puddings” that mostly consisted of fat and hog intestines. Yummy. Those Regency types sure knew how to…uh…eat high on the hog?

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