Historical High Tech

Pistol 1Cara/Andrea here,
For me part of the fun of writing Regency-set novels is discovering some arcane little fact to weave into the storyline. I confess it—I’m a total history nerd, and love reading reference books, visiting specialty museums, looking at art and architecture—anything that takes me back to a different world! I soak up the ambiance like a sponge.

Pistol 2Now, inspiration can come from unexpected sources. I somehow stumbled over a small video on an item up for auction at Sotheby’s. I hit play and well, just knew the item had to be in one of my books. (you can see it here.) It’s a pistol. But no ordinary pistol. Instead of firing bullets, it shoots an exquisite little bird out of its barrel—no bang-bang, but beautiful birdsong! Okay, I imagine you see where this is going. A dramatic scene where the villain grabs the weapon, intent on putting a period to the heroine’s existence. With a manic laugh, she pulls the trigger . . .

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