Audio News: Dearly Beloved and More

DearlyBeloved Ebookby Mary Jo

Audiobooks, like so many elements of publishing (and the world in general) have changed greatly in recent years.  Once upon a time, only huge bestselling mainstream books had audio editions.  They were really expensive and libraries were the primary market. (In those days a lot of audiobooks were on cassettes!  Remember them? <G>)

But there was interest in audio, so gradually more genre books like romance began to be recorded.  My first audiobook was The Wild Child, which came out in 1999.  I was so excited–I felt that I had arrived! 

I don't know if at that time any authors were producing independent audio version of their books–probably not.  The norm was for the print publisher to subcontract audio rights to a specialist audio producer.  The production company chose the narrator and did the engineering and distribution.  (I never had any input on any of that, but I was happy that the audiobooks were available for those who wanted them.)

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