Marry in Scarlet! An Interview with Anne Gracie

Interviewed by Mary Jo

Marry in Scarlet, the long awaited final book in Anne Gracie's Marriage of Convenience Series, has arrived, and it's great.  As Publishers Weekly says in its review, "George is an admirable heroine and the chemistry between her and Hart is magnetic."

Lady Georgiana, the wild child niece of the Rutherford clan, has come to value the family she didn't know she had, but she still prefers to be called George and likes her giant wolfhound, Finn, and her magnificent stallion Sultan more than most humans.  She also has no desire to lose her independence by marrying, but the social pressure is building MarryInScarlet-1

Anne, you've included clever and appropriate quotes from Jane Austen as chapter headers (how do you find such perfect snippets?), and as I read Marry in Scarlet for the second time, I realized that it could easily be named Pride and Prejudice. What do you think?

AG: It hadn't occurred to me, but you're right; like Jane Austen's classic, both pride and prejudice play their role in the hero and heroine's attitudes. He doesn't trust women, she doesn't trust men. And they both have their fair share of stubborn pride. 

Not that the plot is in any way similar. Unlike Austen's heroines, Lady George has no need to marry — she will come into a handsome fortune when she turns twenty-five, so the only pressure on her to marry comes from society — and her elderly, interfering great-aunt.

As for the Austen snippets at the start of each chapter, over the years I've made a collection — pages and pages of possible quotes sorted under headings. I also have all of Austen's novels and a collection of her letters on .pdf, and so I can search them easily using keywords. It's quite a lot of fun, finding a snippet to go with the events of each chapter.


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Anne Gracie and Marry in Secret

MarryInSecret307by Mary Jo

I've loved Word Wench Anne Gracie's Marriage of Convenience series, and I pounced on Marry in Secret, which has just been released, along with an audiobook version.  Today Anne is here to talk about the book and the series.   

MJP: In a brief recap of the series, Book 1, Marry in Haste, features Cal Rutherford, Lord Ashendon, an intrepid army officer who finds himself terrorized by a gaggle of uncontrollable young females for whom he is ARRATrophies1responsible.  The book won the Holt Medallion for best historical romance, and won three awards from ARRA, the Australian Romance Readers Association: best historical, best historical couple, and Anne was named the Favourite Australian Romance Author. 

Book 2 is Marry in Scandal, and it was nominated for ARRA's Favourite Historical and Favorite Ongoing Series.  The heroine is Lady Lily Rutherford, Cal's gentle younger half sister.

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Marry in Scandal! An Interview with Anne Gracie

MarryInScandal_coverby Mary Jo

Today I have the pleasure of interviewing sister Word Wench Anne Gracie about the April release of Marry in Scandal, the delightful second entry in her Marriage of Convenience series. Before I proceed to asking Anne about her book, let me mention that the first book in the series, Marry in Haste, has received these nominations from the Australian Romance Readers Association (ARRA):

Favourite Historical Romance.
Favourite Continuing Romance Series.
Strongest Heroine from a romance published in 2017.
Favourite Couple from a romance published in 2017.
(Not to mention that Anne was nominated for the Favourite Australian Romance Author 2016)

So Marry in Scandal has large shoes to fill — and it does! I think I enjoyed it even more than Marry in Haste. Kathe Robin at Romantic Times gave the book a 4 1/2 Top Pick and said:

"The latest addition to Gracie’s Marriage of Convenience series is a beautifully rendered, emotionally powerful tale full of the wonder and healing power of love. Readers will empathize with her well-drawn characters and delight in the growth of their relationship, cheering them on to their HEA….A story readers will cherish."

And this from the audiobook narrator Alison Larkin: "I just finished recording the audiobook today – it's wonderful – vintage Gracie – everyone will love it!:


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Marry in Haste with Anne Gracie!

MarryInHaste_coverMary Jo here–

I was delighted to get an early reading of Marry in Haste so I could interview Anne about the book.  Marriages of convenience are such a popular trope in historical romance that they have their own abbreviation: MOC.  And in Marry in Haste, Anne Gracie launches a new Marriage of Convenience series.  The book released from Berkley on May 2, and it's received rave reviews.  

From Romantic Times"Gracie utilizes the ever-popular “marriage of convenience” theme to her advantage in the first of a new series. It isn’t just the premise, but the marvelous cast of characters, that will keep readers entranced….  A totally delightful read!"

And here's a rare starred review from Library Journal:

"With deep character insight, subtle humor matched with rapier wit, and brilliant repartee, Gracie puts a refreshing spin on a classic romance trope and delivers another knockout Regency that will keep fans enthralled."

Plus, All About Romance has given Marry in Haste their coveted Desert Island Keeper (DIK) rating, calling it "a gorgeously romantic read."

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