Meet Lucy Parker

Anne here, introducing Lucy Parker, the author of the very funny and charming ACT LIKE IT and PRETTY FACE — contemporary romances set in the London celebrity/theatre world. 0518_9781488020193_MakingUp_Web (1)
The WordWenches are already big fans, and most of us have preordered Lucy's new book, MAKING UP. I was lucky enough to read an advance copy and I loved it.

Lucy's first book, ACT LIKE IT, received glowing reviews, including a Desert Island Keeper review from All About Romance, and A- from Smart Bitch Sarah. PRETTY FACE also wowed critics and readers alike. I met Lucy in NZ last year when I was at the RWNZ conference and fan-girled all over her.  Lucy, welcome to the Word Wenches.

Anne: Lucy, welcome to the Word Wenches. My first question came via Mary Jo Putney, who wanted to know: How did a young New Zealand woman get such an excellent knowledge of the West End theater world?

Lucy Parker - Author PhotoLucy: Hello! Thank you so much for having me. And it was a huge thrill to meet you at the conference last year. Your earlier books are among the first romances I bought. 

I adore theatre; I studied classical drama at university, and later worked as an arts critic. And I have family ties in England on my dad’s side of the family, and was brought up with a lot of British pop culture. A huge help with this series, though, has been a good friend of mine, who is a professional performer at quite a high level. She lets me pick her brain whenever I want, and tells me all sorts of interesting backstage gossip that I obviously don’t use, but which makes me feel better about the believability of the more dramatic parts of the books — apparently in the world of theatre, fictional drama has nothing on the real deal! 

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