Quiz — English Names

Anne here, just off a plane from Brisbane and landing in my home town, Melbourne. People from outside Australia usually pronounce these names as they're written — ie Briz-bayn and Mel-born, but locals will always say Briz b'n and Melb'n.  Bertie-wooster

Thinking about that started me pondering the many English names that are pronounced differently from the way they look, and which visitors so often get wrong, so I thought it might be fun to explore a few of them in a little quiz. Some of them I'm sure you'll know, but others might have you saying, "Whaaaat?"  Make a note of your answers, and at ther bottom of the quiz there's a page where you can check your answers.

1) How would an Englishman called Beauchamp pronounce his name?
    a)  Bow sham
    b)  Bee shawm
    c)  Bay chum
    d)  Beech um

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