Ten Lords a’Leaping — a quiz.

Anne here, and because it's the tenth day of Christmas, the phrase "ten lords a'leaping" came to mind.
1QuadrilleAlmacks And since it's a new year, I thought I'd try something a little bit different. So here, in the spirit of indoor games at holiday time, is a quiz about heroes who are lords (or dukes or marquesses or earls or barons, or perhaps even the sons of lords.) Unfortunately the technology I tried to use didn't work properly, so you'll have to write down your answers and check them on a different page. Nevertheless, I hope you enjoy it.

 1) Which lordly Heyer hero stole a kiss and quoted poetry on first meeting his heroine?

    a) Lord Bromford in THE GRAND SOPHY

    b) Lord Worth in REGENCY BUCK

    c) Lord Damerel in VENETIA

 2) Which very responsible Balogh lord married a girl whom his brother had accidentally caused to be compromised?

    a) Edmund Raine in THE GILDED WEB

    b) Wulfric Bedwyn in SLIGHTLY MARRIED

    c) Lord Carew in LORD CAREW'S BRIDE

3) Which Julie Garwood lord was first rescued by the heroine, then came back to kidnap her?

    a) Alec Kincaid in THE BRIDE

    b) Duncan, Baron Wexton in HONOR'S SPLENDOUR

    c) Baron Royce in THE PRIZE

4) Which rakish Kleypas lord was proposed to by a shy wallflower he barely knew?

    a) Sebastian St. Vincent in DEVIL IN WINTER

    b) Marcus, Lord Westcliff in IT HAPPENED ONE AUTUMN

    c) Derek Craven in DREAMING OF YOU

5) Which badly behaved, ugly and dissipated lord was tamed by a fiery heroine?

    a) Christopher Phelan in LOVE IN THE AFTERNOON

    b) Sebastian, Marquess of Dain in LORD OF SCOUNDRELS

    c) Simon Basset in THE DUKE AND I

6) Which Eloisa James lord limps instead of leaping?

    a) Garret Langham, Earl of Mayne in PLEASURE FOR PLEASURE

    b) Lord Strange in DUCHESS BY NIGHT

    c) Lord Marchant in WHEN BEAUTY TAMED THE BEAST

7) Which mad, bad & dangerously rakish lord was taught to love by a modest Quaker girl?

    a) Sebastian, Marquess of Dain in LORD OF SCOUNDRELS

    b) Christian Langland, Duke of Jervaulx in FLOWERS FROM THE STORM


8) Which lordly Elizabeth Lowell hero seduced his lady by treating her like a bird of prey?

    a) Dominic Le Sabre in UNTAMED

    b) Duncan in FORBIDDEN

    c) Caleb Black in ONLY HIS

9) Which Johanna Lindsay lord was kidnapped to impregnate a lady, then kidnapped her back for revenge?

    a) Thorn in UNTIL FOREVER

    b) Warrick deChaville in PRISONER OF MY DESIRE

    c) Challen in WARRIOR'S WOMAN

10) Which Anne Gracie lord fell head over heels in love with the plain sister and didn't even notice her beautiful siblings?

    a) Luke, Lord Ripton in BRIDE BY MISTAKE

    b) Magnus, Lord d'Arenville in TALLIE'S KNIGHT

    c) Gideon, Lord Carradice in THE PERFECT RAKE 

When you've finished and checked your score here, come back and tell us how you did. And perhaps you could suggest a favorite lord I missed.