A Busy Season


The Busy Season.

by Mary Jo

This isn't so much a blog as a flag waving from the bunker. The last several months have been really, really busy for me. Several reasons for that, but one was that my book for next year, Once a Spy, went in way late, largely because of the complexity of the research. (I was working around the edges of Waterloo, and the time line and event juggling were nightmarish.)

That was bad enough, but a year earlier I'd blithely agreed to do a Christmas novella for a Kensington anthology because I love writing Christmas stories. But the late novel delayed the start of the novella by two months and all of a sudden the dominoes were piling up on top of me.

I got both in at the last possible minute, the novella just before leaving on a long planned vacation. (My editor is a saint with nerves of steel.) I'll be on that vacation when you read this, and my plans involve sleeping, reading, walking, and eating. Did I mention sleeping? <G>

But in all the flurry of writing and research and copyedits, I had to do some heavy duty prioritizing. For starters, no holiday cards. I might get some out by St. Patrick's Day. Or not. <G>

Also, the Christmas tree got decorated, but un-decorating it seemed a lot less important. So it's still up, looking pretty if unseasonal. (It's artificial so no fire hazard.) Here's a picture of my favorite ornament on the tree. It will get undecorated and put away soon. Really!

Mary Jo, hoping your lives are peaceful