Adventures in Oz

Cat 243 Doverby Mary Jo

I delivered my overdue book 90 minutes before we left for the airport to fly to Australia.  I do not recommend this. <G>  But it did mean that when an east coast air traffic control meltdown caused us to miss our flight out of Los Angeles so we had a lazy day in LaLa land, it was not entirely a bad thing.  

Luckily I'd built in several extra days to allow some recovery time from jet lag, and Melbourne was worth the wait.  The Mayhem Consultant and I both loved the city, which had a vibe reminiscent of Boston or San Francisco or Seattle, all cities I love.  It's also a foodie paradise, which is never a bad thing!  (I'm told that hot air balloons floating over the city in the morning as in the picture at the right are a regular occurrence.  Fun!) View from Citadines of Melbourne

Plus, our Aussie Word Wench, Anne Gracie, lives in Melbourne, and she's a fabulous hostess for her city.  A highlight was when she took me, the MC, and Patricia McLinn, another featured American conference speaker and an old friend of mine, to the Healesville Sanctuary.  


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