Coach travel and more

Blue2Hi, Jo here, dipping again into LONDON OBSERVED: A Polish Philosopher at Large, 1820-24.  I blogged bits from it in 2014. You can get your own copy quite cheaply on line. This link will take you to Amazon in the US. Lach

1820-24 is a little after my current books, which are set in late 1817, but close enough to enrich my knowledge base because Krystyn Lach-Szyrma is the sort of traveler who loves to record details of his travel. I'm going to share some more. I never take one source as gospel, and I have questions about some bits. He might not always be accurate, and I'm reading in translation, but here it is.

On coaches

"Halfway on the journey to London, we noticed an extraordinary increase in traffic. Frequently we were passing carriages and stagecoaches. The latter were quite new to us. All of them were beautifully oil-painted and on every one was written, in gold letters, its name, place of departure and destination. Many men and women of different ages and stations were sitting on top and inside them.


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