The Sparky Report #12


Good day, readers! I managed to catch Sparky Tabasco in a quiet moment with surrogate papa, Christopher. The above picture is proof that Sparky does have non-shenanigan moments. She has to. How else can she replenish her mischief tanks?  *g*

Much of the time, she delights in tormenting Shona, my Boxer, as shown in the below picture. Shona happened to be walking past my desk when Sparky decided to practice her ambush skills. As you can tell by the hilariously startled look on Shona's face, Sparky's ambush was a success!


Sparky has recently discovered the delights of the wastepaper basket under my desk, and it has become her favorite ambush hideout. With just her ears and eyes visible over the rim, she lies in wait for unsuspecting passers-by, then pops up like a jack-in-the-box to administer a series of pats.


Here she is, plotting to ambush Christopher, who's pretending to be asleep.


And here they are playing slap-slap. Even though Christopher is a senior citizen, he has to be the best-natured cat ever.


After a day of ambushes and other high-jinks, Sparky usually finds a place to flake out. In the below picture, she has settled into the vee of my legs on the recliner, front legs hanging down by her sides, and one hind leg sticking straight up in the air. She slept like that until I had to get a drink of water. Never a dull moment around this place!


Do your cats sleep in weird positions? Or weird places? If you have more than one cat, do they sleep together, or with the dog?

The Sparky Report #3


Sparky being silly

Sherrie, here. Yes, as you can see by the title of this installment, the godkitten finally has a name:  Sparky. It seems suitable, as the kitten was found orphanced on the 4th of July. Go here for the full story. When I first found Sparky, she weighed 9 ounces. Today, she weighs a healthy 2.1 pounds.

Besides a new name, Sparky has something else: a new gender. Sparky is a girl! This was confirmed by the same vet who had tentatively pronounced her a boy a month earlier. So Dee, who commented last week that she was sure Sparky would end up being classified as a torbie and a female, was right on both counts! Good job, Dee! Boy or girl, Sparky has wormed her way into my heart.

She also seems to have wormed her way into my young Boxer's heart, as the two have become playmates. Here are some pictures of them playing together.


Sparky's favorite place to hang out is my desk, as it provides an entire arsenal of cool things to play with, such as the following:



Sparky killing a rubber band



Killing a pencil



Falling over backwards while killing a Kleenex tissue


Killing a roll of paper towels









Another of Sparky's favorite pastimes is hanging out with my other cat, Christopher, who has become Sparky's surrogate parent. Christopher has a unique way of disciplining Sparky when she needs to mind her manners.


Step #1: Raise paw in warning and look stern


Step #2: Press down hard on back until kitten promises to behave.







And after the discipline, they're friends again. All is forgiven, until the next time Sparky gets into trouble!