Karen Harper & THE ROYAL NANNY

by Mary Jo

Hi, there!  Today we are lucky enough to welcome Karen Harper as a return guest. KarenHarperKaren has been writing even longer that I have <G>, and she's known for her versatility and superb research.  She started out with historical romance and has since branched out into main stream historical, romantic thrillers (including contemporary Amish suspense), and historical mysteries. She isa  winner of the Mary Higgins Clark award. (Note the many varied covers included in this blog.)

A New York Times list bestselling author, among other honors, Karen is with us today to tell us about her just released, and utterly fascinating sounding book, The Royal Nanny.  Over to you, Karen!


RoyalNanny--FINALVictorian writer William Ross Wallace once wrote, “The hand that rocks the cradle is the hand that rules the world.”  He may well have meant the loyal nannies who reared generations of the children of the British Empire. 

He most certainly was right on about the heroine of The Royal Nanny, Charlotte Bill, the Cockney woman who raised the children of King George V and Queen Mary, the current queen’s grandparents.

Two of those six children became kings, and in a way, Charlotte, or ‘Lala’ as the children dubbed her, saved both of these boys.  When she arrived in the royal household of the then Duke and Duchess of York, David (later King Edward VIII and Duke of Windsor) and Bertie (later King George VI) were being abused by their current nanny, who was later committed to an asylum.  (Remember The King’s Speech flashbacks where Bertie was ignored and starved?  And why did the Duke of Windsor gravitate toward abusive, take-charge women, including his beloved Wallis?)

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