What they knew — Regency Lightning

Nasa lightning

somewhat more exciting than my actual view

Joanna here. I was sitting on the couch the other day with the rain coming down about sideways and hail pinging on the front porch and lightning crashing and thunder throbbing in all the little houses on the street and also no electricity. The dog crouched behind me, cowering down low and shivering in every muscle.

Me: It’s just fine. I’m here, girl. Nothing’s going to happen to you.

Dog: (expresses skepticism with a whine)

So I asked myself how folks dealt with lightning in the Regency period. I delight to imagine my heroine — in a lull between forays into adventure — sitting in her parlour, (them not having parlors over in England,) looking out at the lightning and accompanying timpani, chilling. There’d be an ugly sorta-mostly pitbull trying to dig a tunnel to safety under her chair. No electricity for her, either, but she wouldn’t have expected any, being Regency people and all.


Thor: Not so much a Regency feature

She’d have a nice little fire on the hearth, hissing every time a drip worked its way down the chimney. 

Folks were somewhat past worshipping weather by the Regency — though I can imagine some gruff old squire exclaiming, “By Thunder! They’ve all run mad.“ and shaking The Times Op Ed page.

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