All that Glitters… An interview with jeweler Renee Huff

Cat 243 Doverby Mary Jo 

A good convention is enhanced by having a dealer room, which sff cons have always known.  Romantic Times conventions are going in the same delightful direction, which is how I came to meet Renee Huff, who had traveled down from Kansas to New Orleans to set up a jewelry booth.  She had a range of styles, but of course I was drawn to the antique pieces.

In particular, I was attracted to a lovely Victorian chain unlike any other I've ever seen.  Renee explained that it was called a book chain because the links were shaped Victorian book chain necklacelike little books, and the piece was gold over brass. The links are hollow, so the necklace is very light weight, a big plus. There was also a locket with a garnet, and I love garnets.  I put it on.  I took it off, I considered.(Click on the image to enlarge and you'll see the wonderful detail.  For all pictures, hover your cursor over the image to see a description of the piece displayed.)

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