Our Love of History

M4444ewHi, Jo here, unable to resist playing with a medieval shield at Chirk Castle – which refers back to my childhood fascination with history.

Our recent discussion of our first historical romance had me thinking about where my love of history began. I can't remember, perhaps because my father fed me on romantic historical stories from an early age. Hereward the Wake, Robin Hood, Richard the Lionheart, Crusaders, Cavaliers and Jacobites, including of course Bonnie Prince Charlie.

Of course I can look back on such stories with a jaundiced eye, but they were just the thing to enthrall. I feel sorry for children today who seem to be mostly taught more recent and "relevant" history. Yes, they need to know about 20th century wars, the fights for social justice and women's rights, but I doubt such subjects capture their hearts at a young age.

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