Laura Resnick: Honorary Word Wench with Extra Stars

Cat 243 Dover by Mary Jo

Thanks so much for telling us about Esther Diamond's latest adventure, Laura!  As you know from previous visits, it's our custom to give virtual gifts to our honored guests. 

Since Vamparazzi is a vampire novel for those who don't like vampires, I thought that a suitable gift would be Apotropaics to dispatch any vampires who might appear because they want to convince you that they're real, even if they're not seductive and witty.

This Carpathian Beechwood Stake from Vlad the Impaler's homeland is resistant to shock and is dense enough to burn for a long time. 

Carpathian Vampire Steak 

At 8-9" long, it can be worn on a thong around your neck, ready to hand should it be needed, or useful for burning in your fireplace should the power go off.  And being virtual, it takes no space and requires no dusting.  Enjoy!



Mia Marlowe – Honorary Word Wench!

Cartier tiara Nicola here, and it is my great pleasure to confer the title of Honorary Word Wench on Mia Marlowe, who joined us  last month to share some of the fascinating research behind her book Touch of a Thief.

Along with the HWW comes a virtual gift and as Mia’s wonderful book has a bejewelled theme, we though she might enjoy wearing her very own tiara. This is not just any tiara, of course. It’s the 1936 Cartier Halo Tiara from the Queen’s collection as worn by Catherine Middleton at her wedding to Prince William.

Mia, thank you very much for being our Word Wench guest, very best wishes for your writing and we hope you enjoy your virtual tiara!

Kathryn Johnson: Honorary Word Wench!

Cat 243 Dover

 by Mary Jo    

Kathryn, thanks so much for visiting and discussing The Gentleman Poet, your wonderful blend of history, fiction, and poetry!  You are now inducted into the prestigious ranks of Honorary Word Wenches, and given this gift: a virtual cottage in Bermuda:

Bermuda Cottage
This lovely, private cottage at Mazarine by the Sea is always available when you need peace and quiet and the sea to spin new tales, and since story creation takes place in the mind, retreat to a a virtual cottage doesn't require airline tickets or TSA or any of the complications of actual travel!

Enjoy your cottage, and thanks so much for visiting Word Wenches, Kathryn–

Mary Jo


Ciji Ware: Honorary Word Wench!

Cat 243 Dover by Mary Jo

It is our Wenchly custom to induct our guests into Honorary Word Wenchdom, as well as bestowing a virtual gift to delight the heart without damaging the wenchly purse. <G>  For telling us about Wicked Company, your wondrous tale of the Georgian theater and female playwrights, I am offering you a Georgian theater of your very own.  Jo Beverley suggested the Georgian Theatre Royal in Richmond, Yorkshire.  Since sometimes actors and theater people found it wise to leave London for a time, this would be a perfect retreat:

Georgian Theatre Royal, Richmond 
Feel free to bring your player friends here to block out a new production, Ciji! And in the future, you may style yourself as Ciji Ware, HWW.

Mary Jo

Michelle Willingham – Honorary Word Wench!

State room Michelle, it give me very great pleasure on behalf of the Word Wenches to appoint you an Honorary Word Wench and thank you for the fascinating blog post on the great days of the luxury liners. It is a Wench tradition that we offer our guests a virtual present as a thank you for visiting us so we would like you to accept this stateroom on your very own yacht so that the next time you take to the seas it will be in style!

Congratulations are also due to Janice, who wins the draw for a signed copy of Michelle's book, The Accidental Princess. Congratulations, Janice!