The Art of Collecting . . .

Met Fashion 1Cara/Andrea here,
I’ve recently been to several really wonderful museum exhibitions, and just love how seeing a carefully curated collection, put together with a focused point of view, can be so inspiring and educational. For me, the best sort of exhibit focus on a specific theme—Fashion and
Met Fashion 2Impressionist Painters, for example—and through the art/objects also give us not only an aesthetic enjoyment but also a broader of context of how they fit into their era and history in general.

That said, it should come as no surprise that museums are some of my very favorite places to visit, no matter what the subject matter. Which got me to thinking about how the concept of the museum itself came into being . . . So I decided to do a little research and here is my own highly abbreviated little catalogue on its history.

The word “museum” derives from the Greek “mouseion,” which means “seat of the Muses. Interestingly enough, in ancient times it referred to a place of scholarly contemplation and philosophical discussion rather than a place with any physical objects on display.

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