Imagination and Innovation

Leonardo_da_Vinci_helicopterAndrea here, musing about imagination, which I do a lot, but today my focus is on how imagination sparks some people to come up with an idea that revolutionizes their world. Now, those of you familiar with my Wrexford & Sloane mystery series know that I’m very intrigued by momentous inventions that change the course of history, and use them as catalysts for my plots.
Murder at the Merton Library-315Change is such an interesting concept, fraught with so many facets. Some people embrace change, finding the new possibilities exhilarating. And some people are frightened by by change, preferring the comfort of familiarity and doing things the way they have always been done.
In my upcoming book, MURDER AT THE MERTON LIBRARY, which releases on September 26th, the action kicks off with the theft of an arcane old manuscript that may—or may not—hold a startling technical revelation that can be applied to creating an innovation that will change nautical travel.  One of the thigs I find fun about the research involved in coming up with the plot ideas is how it takes me down fascinating research rabbit holes.

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