Hedgehog Pie—or What’s Cooking for the Holidays!


1329206Cara/Andrea here, The holiday season always get me in the mood for firing up the oven. I especially enjoy baking at this time of year, but am always on the lookout for new recipes to share with family and friends. You know—cookies, chocolate confections, fruit studded cakes, or . . . um . . . hedgehog pudding.

Yes, hedgehog pudding. (from a c. 1750 English cookbook)

Still-lifeBefore you start turning green around the gills, allow me to elaborate. (I assure you it’s NOT what you think!) I happened to see a special blog on historical holiday cooking on the Yale Library website and I just had to delve in for a bite. (Clearly, they know how to get a reader’s attention with their headlines—and though the ingredients aren't listed, the blurb promises that it does not contain hedgehog.) So, as we head into the season where we all tend to eat and drink to excess, let’s whet the appetite with a few of their wonderfully arcane cookbooks.

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