Ask A Wench – Easter Traditions

Christina here with this month’s Ask A Wench. As it’s Good Friday today, I thought I would ask the Wenches what their favourite Easter tradition is, or whether they have any favourite Easter ornaments or decorations? Turns out they have quite a few of both!

Easter+bonnetPat:  When I was a kid, hats were a big deal on Easter. I LOVE hats. I have difficult hair and hats covered a multitude of sins. I could make a statement with hats. Of course, as a kid, it was my mother’s statement, but hats were cool. These days, I wear hats anytime I like, and I don’t need to take them to church on Easter.

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No Mad Hatter Here!

1838strawhatPat here:

Behind the scenes, the wenches wandered into a discussion about hats and fell into a deep vat of fascinating history. Jo Beverley will bring you more about the origins of hats and carry her research up to the Regency period. I’m diving into the later eras where my shallow Leo can play with pretties, because after the Regency, hats were designed almost entirely for fashion and not necessity.


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