Monument New Yorkby Mary Jo

In the way of such things, the Gettysburg battlefield isn't much more than an hour north of me and President Lincoln's train passed a mile or so from my house on his trip to speak at the dedication of the Gettysburg Soldiers National Cemetery in November 1863, yet I'd never made a real in-depth visit to the site.

However, the Mayhem Consultant has, and to celebrate the delivery of my Book That Would Not End, he took me to Gettysburg for an overnight getaway and a proper visit.

The Battle of Gettysburg has been widely studied and written about so I won't go into Military Musical Instrumentsmuch detail. The brilliant Confederate General Robert E. Lee wanted to take the war to the north, into Pennsylvania, in hopes of persuading the North ti end the fighting. The town of Gettysburg had ten roads entering it so it was a good place to assemble.

The Union Army of the Potomac was led by General George Meade, who had been in charge for a mere three days when he had to face the Southern invasion. The three day battle was fought all around the town, and was the bloodiest of the Civil War with over 50,000 casualties. The South's brave and futile attack called Pickett's Charge was called "the High Water Mark of the Confederacy" and a spot on the battlefield is designated at such.


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