Writers and Their Dogs

Mandy by Elaine1 detail

My dog Mandela –Mandy

Joanna here. The last time I posted it was Cats and Their Writers. I promised to tell the dog's side of the story next. 

One thing I discovered when I was looking into this is that writers — and folks in general — talk about their cats and dogs differently.

Can I say there seems to be a closer emotional attachment to dogs? There's a different bond, anyway. For instance, there are many, many elegies to dogs. Somewhat fewer to cats. Dunnoh why.

I've lived with both dogs and cats and am silly fond of them. (They get the expensive brand of dog and cat food, for instance.) In a lifetime of pets, my dearest beloved were one dog and one cat. Oddly, they were my first dog and one of my earliest cats. The third, I think.

Let's see what writers have to say.

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