Christina Courtenay – The Jade Lioness

CCourtenaysmallNicola here! Today we are welcoming award-winning author Christina Courtenay back to the Word Wench blog to talk about her new book, The Jade Lioness, and the fascinating history behind it. Christina writes romantic historical fiction with exotic and unusual settings and the Jade Lioness is no exception. Set in 17th century Japan, it has been described as "lyrical and fascinating." Here Christina talks haikus and the Japanese festival of Tsukimi or "moon viewing."

"I'm sure we've all paused to stare at the moon of an evening, especially when it's full and perhaps with a benign smiling face visible on its surface (or so we imagine).  It is awe-inspiring and beautiful, and it has been important to human beings as a way of measuring time for millennia.  It makes you feel small and insignificant, filling you with wonder at the unfathomable mysteries of the universe.  This was especially true recently when we had the so called ‘blood moon’, a rare total lunar eclipse, which made everyone excited.  It was an extraordinary sight and one well worth missing some sleep for!

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