Gone Fishing!

MeAndrea here, musing about family and some of the little memories that serve as touchstones from past to present, reminding us of fun moments that created connections and camaraderie.
This past weekend, my older brother and his son chartered a boat to go fishing out at the end of Long Island Sound, where it opens in the the Atlantic Ocean—a father-son experience that they have done over the years since my nephew was a little boy. (He is now all grown up!) The plan was for them to fish all day and then rendezvous with me and my my sister-in-law at my house for a fabulous fish dinner. (Yes, there was a Plan B! But it turned out it wasn’t necessary.)  And over the fruits of their labor we began trading fish stories that conjured up wonderful little vignettes of growing up . . .

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Merry Christmas!

ReindeerAndrea here, wishing a Merry Christmas to those who celebrate the day—and happy holidays to those who welcome the changing season with other spiritual traditions. Today is the first day of Word Wenches’ annual tradition of short daily blogs over the Twelve Days of Christmas. Today, many of us are enjoying the ritual of exchanging presents today with family and friends. It’s a fun and festive occasion for all ages, but especially for children, for whom the sight of gaily wrapped presents under the tree is a magical.

So my my musings today are about childhood gifts, and how some of them resonate with you long after childhood is a mere memory.

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