Shopping in my Closet

Cat 243 Doverby Mary Jo

I know people who lead wonderfully uncluttered lives.  They don't overbuy and if they no longer need an item, out it goes.  I admire such people, but alas! I am not one of them.

An online friend used the phrase "shopping in my closet" when she told of pulling out a couple of items she'd forgotten she owned.  She found a garment she needed so she didn't have to buy anything new, but the phrase resonated with me.  It suggested exploding closets with mysterious and possibly dangerous depths, too much Stuff, and a meditation on Too Many Clothes and Never A Thing to Wear.

Dressy jacketsExploding closets are a real issue since my house is not new enough to have massive walk in closets that are larger than the room I lived in my freshman year in college. (No, I'm not exaggerating.  That room was turned into a broom closet in later years, I'm told.) But even if I had a giant walk-in closet, all closets are finite, so eventually there will be Too Much Stuff.


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