Joy, Joy, Joy!

by Mary Jo

As my Christmas contribution to our Word Wenches Christmastide postings, I want to talk about what gives us pleasure.  I've read two articles recently that said we find the greatest and most lasting pleasure in experiences, not things.  Not that things aren't nice, but if you're debating taking a trip or buying a new dinette Cat 243 Doverset and telling yourself that the trip will be over in days but you'll have the dinette set for years–remember that being "practical" isn't always the best choice.  Twenty years from now, the dinette set might be history, but a wonderful experience will provide lasting memories for you to cherish and share and smile over.  

And it doesn't have to be a big experience.  Over the weekend, my sister and I went shopping together, even though neither of us much likes shopping.  We didn't buy much, but we had a wonderful time laughing together at places like the well stocked kitchen gadgets department that included such delights as cherry chompers and a six inch dragon whose jaws could be used for cracking nuts.  

Experiences are precious.  What are some of your favorites?  Are there some bright shiny new experiences that you're anticipating for the future?  May they be joyous!

Mary Jo, who finds joy in her cats.  In the picture below, The Panda Puss is obvious, but if you look closely in the front, you can see the head and ears of Smokey MacGregor.  This may be his first Christmas tree, because he takes great joy in playing with the ornaments!  

Panda, Smokey, and the tree