A Blue Plaque for Georgette Heyer

Anne here, reporting an event that took place in London a few days ago, when Georgette Heyer's house in Wimbledon was given a prestigious English Heritage blue plaque. I wasn't there (sob!) but my friend, Dr Jennifer Kloester, Georgette Heyer's biographer (and an honorary Word Wench) flew over for the opening, and has kindly supplied the photos and much of the information for this blog. HeyerLaughing

The English Heritage blue plaque scheme, founded in 1866, and thought to be the oldest of its kind in the world, identifies and celebrates "the architecture of London's streets and the diversity and achievements of its past residents."


According to Jennifer Kloester, "An English Heritage Blue Plaque is a prestigious thing. They are awarded to those people who are deemed to have made a contribution to the nation's history. Georgette Heyer has now been admitted to the ranks of those authors who have made a significant contribution to the creative and cultural life of Britain."

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