Armchair Adventuring

Oma in dusterAndrea here
, As the first day of Spring creeps closer, I’m also musing on a far more sobering mark on the calendar. For me, this week marks the one year anniversary of start of the pandemic lockdown in my local area. And though there are now some glimmers of light—there’s limited indoor dining, schools have re-opened for hybrid learning—most of us still feel restricted in the things we can do.

One of the things I miss most is traveling, especially as the days grow longer and weather warms up, inviting one to get up and go explore! But as hopping on a plane to some faraway place doesn’t yet feel like a good plan, I’ve been doing some fun armchair adventuring instead, traveling to exotic destinations. So, I thought I’d invite to take trip with me down the Nile!

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What We’re Reading



W-DeskLady2MA13757499-0003Pat here, rounding up the word wenches list of what we've been reading lately. I've been reading an Advanced Reading Copy of Katharine Kimbriel's Night Calls, a newly edited version of her highly acclaimed Alfreda books that will be out on 9/17 at Book View Cafe. The protagonist in this volume is a precocious but likable 11 year old, just discovering both the natural and supernatural worlds in an alternate America where George Washington is king and werewolves are diseased. I don't generally read YA but like Harry Potter, this book has enough to keep an adult interested. I can't wait for the next volume!

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