AAW—Armchair Travels!

This month's Ask A Wench question is:
Travel seems to be on everyone’s Wish List these days. If money were no object (and a magic carpet was provided for hassle-free flying)  what would be your dream getaway vacation for the summer?

Okay, everyone—fasten your seatbelts!

Butterfly in an alpine meadowNicola: I’ve been doing quite a bit of armchair travelling lately as whenever I turn on my computer I’m presented with “picture of the day” – a stunning photograph of different places all around the world which has added a lot of destinations to my wish list! Lisbon in Portugal would be my top choice for a city break – cobbled streets, markets and medieval buildings. So much history to explore and so many pastéis de nata (those adorable little custard tarts) to eat! I particularly want to visit the Belem Tower which is a 16th century fortification that looks like a great big stone ship.
However, I’m not good with the heat, so in the summer I need to be somewhere cool. This means somewhere like Scotland (an all-time favourite), Norway, or the mountains of France. My DH recently went on a wildlife holiday in the French Alps and although I didn’t fancy photographing butterflies for 9 hours a day, I did have acute holiday envy for the glorious scenery and the flower meadows, not to mention the French cuisine. So I think that would be my choice – up in the high mountains of France with snow on the peaks and the fields humming with gorgeous butterflies. Reading a book as I sit under a tree in the shade would be bliss.

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